Mission: To aid everyone in finding their Spark of Life through Yoga.

I believe that all humans should feel powerful, beautiful, loved, creative, and worthy in life.  We are all special in our own unique ways, and we each have so much to offer the world.

My purpose is to present empowering yoga to each person I can. Through Yoga, we discover our innate abilities, gifts, and passions.  We also learn about our strengths and power, which we can use to share our passions and gifts.

In my classes, you will find that I am there to support you on your journey. I love to provide yoga in an accessible way.  I will help you realize your fullest potential and to find that Spark that makes your Life worth living.


I was never very athletic in middle school or high school. In college, I took an Iyengar Yoga class, thinking I would use it to become more flexible with my belly dancing. I discovered much more in the Iyengar class, and when a local donation studio opened, I started taking classes there. Though the style of yoga was different, the Vinyasa flow gave me strength, stamina, and flexibility, on and off the mat.

A few years later, I decided I wanted to complete the teacher training at the same studio. I wanted to delve deeper, but also share my knowledge and love for yoga with others.

My background gives me a lot to offer students, especially those that are new to yoga and may be worried about not fitting the mold of a yoga student.  I certainly don't fit that mold!

Spark of Life Yoga is an independent business focusing on Beginner Yoga and Trauma-Informed Vinyasa Yoga in Colorado Springs.

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