Vinyasa- A yoga class that links breath with posture.  Flowing between the poses creates stamina, strength and flexibility.

Beginner Yoga - Vinyasa


5:15 PM-6:15 PM


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

The class is more gentle, taking easier poses and holding them a little longer so you can learn how to get into the poses.  There is plenty of time to take breaks.

While this class is targeted to beginners, modifications are provided for more advanced students.


You may arrive up to 15 minutes early to get settled.

The Beginner Yoga class is great for students who have never taken yoga as well as students who want a slower paced class.  This might include students returning after an injury or someone working toward more difficult classes later.

Hands on assists are not provided without prior permission, which is great for students who have experienced trauma and are healing from it.  I show all the poses while describing them so students have an idea of where they are going.

Raks Asana Flow™


The class is more fast-paced and integrates belly dance moves into the yoga flow.  It may also include other fitness exercises like plyometrics and pilates.

Beginners are welcome as no prior experience in either belly dance or yoga is required.  


You may arrive up to 15 minutes early to get settled.


  • February 15

  • March 28

  • April 25

  • May 23

  • June 20

  • July25

  • August 22

  • September 26

  • October 24

  • November 21

  • December 19



5 class punch card: $45

Drop-in rate: $10

10 class punch card: $80

Cash and credit card accepted.  


If you would like to purchase a class or card ahead of time, please visit my online              


Class cards are non-refundable if lost or stolen.

Private yoga and semi-private instruction also available upon request.

Please contact me if you prefer a private yoga lesson.

Spark of Life Yoga is an independent business focusing on Beginner Yoga and Trauma-Informed Vinyasa Yoga in Colorado Springs.

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