Spark of Life Yoga | Colorado Springs

These are a few of my favorite resources for Yoga and Mindfulness.

  •  Yoga Finder- Find local yoga classes and workshops.



  • Mantra Magazine- An enormous number of articles to read.  You may even see me in there.


  • Yoga Journal- Another magazine and website with a large number of articles to read.


  • Elephant Journal- This one is a locally owned website/blog that I love to read.


  • Melt- Couples Massage teaching videos.  Completely safe for work; these videos may help you reconnect with your significant other.


  • Bravo Belly Dance- This is the website of my Belly Dance Instructor.  Valerie has enabled me to find my passion and supported me in my endeavor to become a yoga instructor.  If you are looking for another great way to interact with fabulous people, her classes will give you just that.