These are a few of my favorite resources for Yoga and Mindfulness.

  •  Yoga Finder- Find local yoga classes and workshops.



  • Mantra Magazine- An enormous number of articles to read.  You may even see me in there.


  • Yoga Journal- Another magazine and website with a large number of articles to read.


  • Elephant Journal- This one is a locally owned website/blog that I love to read.


  • Melt- Couples Massage teaching videos.  Completely safe for work; these videos may help you reconnect with your significant other.


  • Bravo Belly Dance- This is the website of my Belly Dance Instructor.  Valerie has enabled me to find my passion and supported me in my endeavor to become a yoga instructor.  If you are looking for another great way to interact with fabulous people, her classes will give you just that. 

Spark of Life Yoga is an independent business focusing on Beginner Yoga and Trauma-Informed Vinyasa Yoga in Colorado Springs.

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